Qualia Tsubomi Fox Blind Box
Qualia Tsubomi Fox Blind Box

Qualia Tsubomi Fox Blind Box

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Mysteriously beautiful Japanese Fox miniature Keychain: “Tsubomi” is Japanese for flower bud. Fox ( Kitsune in Japanese ) is common subject of Japanese folklore. Each fox has different expression.

Correctable Figure: Each measuring 1.97 inch high. Our collectable figurines are compact and convenient, making them the perfect desk ornaments! Create a fun display on your bookshelves or dashboard.
Unbox the Mystery: For an extra bit of fun, each order ships in one of our blind boxes! You’ll receive 1 of the 7 designs in this Tsubomi Fox series, offering a special surprise and allowing you to collect them all.
Designed for Durability: We craft our toys from a high-quality PVC material. Not only does this provide incredible strength, but it also ensures your pup is part of the family for years to come. The part? There’s zero shedding! This product is collectible. NOT for kids!