[ My Neighbor Totoro ] Mini Towel (Green )* Twig Middle

[ My Neighbor Totoro ] Mini Towel (Green )* Twig Middle

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[STUDIO GIBLI ☆ Studio Ghibli work ☆ Toho movie] 
Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece animation "My Neighbor Totoro". A masterpiece that adults and children also made their eyes shine. When you are enveloped in the funny look of the funny creatures living in the forest "Totoro" you can return to pure feelings. A mini towel is appearing from My Neighbor Totoro Goods! ! ♪ perfect size instead of a handkerchieve ♪ Put in a bag or bag and carry around! ☆ 彡 is a great success for sweat wiping and hand wiping 


[ Size ] About 230 x 230mm 
[ Material ] 100% COTTON 
[ 仕 Mr ] No twisting steam shirring ・Applique Embroidery ・Shell メLow ・SEKProcessing 
[ Country of origin ] China

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